Play like a Canadian!

Hockey, the iconic and beloved winter sport of Canada. Experience the game like a pro. Hear what it takes to be a hockey player. Put on all the layers of hockey gear. With skates, helmets, puck and stick, step onto the ice rink and experience the thrill of playing hockey. Score your first goal!

Guests meet the professional coaches from Pinnacle Hockey at the Canmore Recreation Centre and use the Canmore Eagles rink, dressing room and hockey equipment. The two-hour experience is all about Canadian hockey and how to play it like a pro. Participants learn the history, the secrets and the superstitions before heading to the rink in full hockey gear. Drills and skills are taught by the coaches who are assisted by players from the Canmore Eagles. A thrilling game of hockey might break out testing new talents. A certificate of hockey achievement proves it all.

A reasonable level of fitness is necessary to balance on hockey skates and maneuver on the ice. All hockey equipment is provided along with excellent coaching to learn the fundamentals of the game. The experience is offered year round. Individuals over the age of 6, groups or corporations looking for team building exercises are invited to drop the puck and play.